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Custom e-Learning

If you are looking for a unique e-learning solution tailored for your learner’s specific needs, Infex Web’s custom e-Learning services can help you fulfill your requirements.

Under our bespoke e-learning services we help organizations to identify their e-learning needs, create strategy, identify solutions, create Story Boards, develop content with help of subject matter expert and develop the e-Learning courses. Thus our bespoke e-Learning services are one stop solution for all your e-learning needs.

Work process
in 3 steps

. Objectives of eLearning courses are to

  • Facilitate Self-paced learning – Ensure effective knowledge with interactive and engaging elements in the course.

Product Training

You can bring your sales team up to speed with new products by training them online and also by providing them just-in-time product knowledge when they need it the most.

Process Training

You can help your employees understand the processes and systems better with interactive graphics and engaging content in eLearning courses.

Compliance Training

Providing online compliance training ensures that your organization meets all the legal and statutory requirements of regulatory with minimal time and maximum reach.

Software Training

You might have upgraded your software systems or are in the process of implementing new systems such as SAP. Not only do you need to train your employees on the new software, you also need to educate them on why the change is being made

Safety Training

Periodic training of employees on safety measures to be adhered to during the course of their jobs is essential to prevent accidents and unnecessary loss of lives and inventory. We develop eLearning modules or videos to educate your employees on safety measures to be taken in their jobs.

Information Security Training

Rapid advancements in information technology and widespread use of mobile devices have made organizations vulnerable to information security breach, which can cause huge a loss for organizations. Therefore, it is important that you educate your employees on the risks involved in case of breach of information security and sound security practices that they need to adhere to while using organizational resources.

New Hire Induction

The sooner the new hires are integrated into the organization the better and this can be achieved by ensuring that they are given orientation to the organizational procedures and process through self-paced online modules.

Lean Manufacturing

It is important that your employees understand the importance of eliminating waste and improving efficiency for better productivity. Periodic reinforcement of lean principles ensures that the core principles are emphasized and implemented across the organization.
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The complexity of today’s changing business landscape requires a workforce that can quickly absorb and adapt to new processes, regulations and ways of doing business.  As professionals deeply embedded in the industry, we understand the sales, marketing and regulatory challenges you face. And through our learning solutions we guide your organizations to respond proactively to these new market forces—and drive efficiencies all along the way.


We’re focused on improving—and measuring—your business performance.

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