How to fix your organisation employee Induction by thinking Digital?

Aug 25, 2019




There is no secret that employees are the most important assets to any organisation. Your organisation’s employee induction training should serve as the centre of your company’s hiring process. It gives your organisation the chance to offer a positive first experience for new employees and give them the confidence and support they require to get productive and up-to-speed as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, many organisations are still getting induction wrong. From content-dumping on the first day to just leaving new employees to ‘get on with it’, many organisations have found that not doing induction properly to be both expensive and ineffective.

So what can be done to resolve these issues? Rather than thinking traditional induction courses, you can save time and money incorporating online learning. Because as Infex Web Solutions we believe induction is so important, we’ve created a smart online package that makes it easy for any organisation to provide a great induction experience.

“According to a recent study, 47% of employees leave an organisation within 6 months because of inadequate employee induction training programme”. says John

Our Online Induction Programme will help benefit your organisation in the following ways:
Delivering consistent training to all employees in all provinces.
Providing a simple, flexible and interactive training experience for employees.
Standardising training for all staff.
It will look and feel like your organisation

It’s a smart, professional and affordable induction solution

Infex Web Solutions provides a quick effective and simple way to get your induction online that enables your new employees to understand your organisation, their roles and responsibilities immediately as they start working on the day 1.

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