Information Security Awareness Training

With the advent of internet,cyber crime has increased and security has become a key issue for all organisations large or small.

According to a recent survey on information security,the number of security breaches affecting the businesses is increasingly continously.

In most aspect of information security the human being has been identified as the weakest link in the information security chain.

Organizations need to train its employees to be aware of necessary measures they have to take, to protect the sensitive information.

One cost effective approach to deliver this sort of training is E-learning.E-learning courses provide an excellent, interactive, engaging way to educate learners on regulatory compliance procedures and the consequences of non-compliance.

Our information security awareness training could actually make you and your company more secured from the risks of information breaches.

Information security awareness training

Information security awareness training

Security is everyone responsibility.

Benefits of the information security awareness training course
Delivered online
Can be deployed for existing employees and as part of induction program
Access course anytime ,anywhere
Self paced learning
How to access the course
Sign up
The course is available for 30 days
Duration 30-40mins
Certificate issued on completion
Customisation options available

1 year licence option available

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