Is eLearning the answer to low training budget?

Aug 25, 2019




To start off this topic I will define what is eLearning or electronic learning, it is the delivery of learning and training through digital resources outside the classroom.

When it comes to budget allocation in most organisation, the training department always is underfunded making it hard for them to carry out all training and skills development programmes in the organisation.

Numerous organisations have become actively involved in e-learning as they have understood how impactful and rewarding it can be as a way of delivering training to their employees. According to research organisations that introduces eLearning into their organisation tend to reduce training budget costs by 60% within 3 years.

This allows organizations to have a competitive edge, simply because it provides employees with exceptional opportunities to learn and improve their skills and knowledge.

What are the main benefits of eLearning in any organisations?

Reduces Training Costs

eLearning is typically more affordable than traditional classroom training. This is attributed to the fact that you no longer have to foot the bill for instructor travel expenses, such as airfare and accommodations, printed training materials, and site rental fees.

Increased productivity

Since e-learning is not restrained by geography or time, it is possible to control training’s impact on production by training people during down times. Besides, it’s like asking people to do more with less.  Therefore, e-learning is one of the best ways to give employees the tools and skills needed to enhance their performance.


E-learning provides you with a standardized process and consistency in the delivery of content.  Besides, it also compresses delivery time.  E-learning delivers consistent content and this is a great advantage if your team is scattered around the geographical areas.

Personalized Training

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most significant advantages of using online training is allowing your employees to follow personal online training paths. Every member of your staff has different needs, goals, and areas of improvement. So, why would you offer them a “one-size-fits-all” program when online training allows for complete personalization?


There are times when your employees need immediate access to information, even if there is not a regularly scheduled online training session on the agenda. This is when online training becomes an invaluable asset. Instead of having to wait to acquire new knowledge or master a new skill, employees have the opportunity to login to the online training platform and access a wealth of online resources

Performance Tracking

Traditional training has limited tracking abilities. In fact, you usually have to rely on assessment, on-the-job observations, and customer surveys to determine the effectiveness of your traditional training program. Online training, on the other hand, offers you the power to track virtually every aspect of your online training strategy.

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