Is training the solution for Information Security Awareness?

Jun 19, 2018




Protecting and handling confidential data has come into the limelight with the electronic boom. With multiple copies of the documents being available in electronic format, it becomes difficult to monitor their usage. Companies that misuse or inadvertently leak confidential data face multi-fold consequences ranging from lost reputation to expensive lawsuits and fines worth millions of rands.

Information security awareness training prevents security breaches that may be caused inadvertently by employees. Organisations need to consolidate and strengthen their information security strategies by establishing well laid out practices and investing in security awareness programs.

Humans are often considered as the weakest connection in the information security chain. This accusation may be circumstantially right, but it also neglects the fact that humans, if properly motivated and educated, can play an important role in reinforcing the security ecosystem.

Security-conscious employees can pick up the slack, where the technology and processes fail, acting as a last resort in the security defence mechanism.

According to the Information Regulator Chairperson “South Africa has experienced a disturbingly high number of material data breaches in the past few months. In addition to Liberty Holdings, there have been material data breaches at Master Deeds, Facebook and ViewFine,” Tlakula said.

So training your employees on information security is very important. Such training

Reduces organisation’s risk profile: Good information security training gains confidence, trust and loyalty. It reduces the risk of devaluating the organisation’s brand.

Reduces direct and indirect costs: Strict information security training, helps cut down the expenses associated with data loss, data recovery etc., thereby reduces direct and indirect costs.

Reduces technology leakage risks: There is always a possibility of making careless mistakes. Thus, in order to protect our technology from being hacked, training is necessary.

The task of safeguarding personal and business data forms the cornerstone of any company’s business. So, it should be ensured that all employees follow privacy policies in a proper manner. The companies must ensure this happens through an effective training approach.

Infex Web Solutions have designed an online course in information security awareness training, touching important aspects of information security. The course explains how to identify, handle, and dispose data based on its sensitivity. The course is coupled with scenarios advising employees what they should do on facing certain situations.

Effective training on the awareness of information security, could actually make you and your company more secured from the risks of information breaches.

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