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InfexWeb LMS

InfexWeb Learning Management System is used by corporate and educational institutions to manage the entire learning & training process.
It has advanced e-Learning/Simulation/Gamified learning launch capability.
InfexWeb LMS automates the administration, tracking, and reporting of training events and performs the following functions:
  • Centralize and automate administration
  • Use self-service and self-guided services
  • Assemble and deliver learning content rapidly
  • Consolidate training initiatives on a scalable web-based platform
  • Support portability and standards
  • Personalize content and enable knowledge reuse
It is a complete turnkey solution that allows organizations to manage their training and deliver eLearning using the latest learning techniques.
Utilize a combination of virtual classroom, blended learning and other web-based platforms to deliver quality and engaging training to your employees and trainees.
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