Starting Excel
Excel 2013 working environment
Using the ribbon as the Excel 2010 User Interface
Navigating within the worksheet
Selecting a cell or range of cells
1.entering data
Cutting,copying and pasting cell values
Copy and paste special
Saving your workbook
2.Managing Rows and Columns
Inserting moving and deleting cells
Managing columns and rows
Hide and unhide rows /columns
Changing colums widgth and row height
3.Managing worksheets
Format worksheet tabs
Insert and delete worksheet
move and copy worksheet
Hide and unhide worksheet
4.Formatting the cell
Formatting the cell
Number and date formatting
finding and replacing text
Working with styles
5.Working with formulas and functions
Entering formulas
Excel arithmetic operators and order of operations
Using Autofill options
Using commonly ,used functions
6.Organizing worksheet and table data
Create and modify tables
sorting and filtering data in atable
getting summary information in atable
7. Working with Charts
Summarising data to visually using charts
Customising chart data
Format chart legend and titles
Change the chart body
Saving the chart as a template
creating a Pie chart
Summarising Data

8. Working with Graphics
Adding pictures into a worksheet
Customising pictures and objects
Adding drawing objects into a worksheet
adding smartart into a wroksheet
adding clip art into a worksheet
9.Managing large workbooks working with charts
Summarizing data visually using charts
managing large workbooks
printing worksheets
setting page setup options
setting page breaks
10.Customizing and enhancing worksbooks
customizing excel to the way you work
creating hyperlinks
working with workbook themes
working with templates
11.Working with Ribbons
Customizing Quick acces toolbar
Customizing Ribbon user interface

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