1.Word Processing principles
Starting with Word
Starting the microsoft word program
Understanding the screen
Working with toolbars
Typing text
Spelling and grammar as you type
The zoom
The show/hide tool
View buttons
2. Working with file commands
Saving a document
Closing a document
Opening an existing document
Starting a new blank document
Saving a document with a different name
saving in a different file format
Deleting a document
3. Editing tools
Editing your document
Moving and copying text
using the clipboard
Find and replace text
Check spelling
Special characters
Check text automatically while entering
Selecting text for formatting
Formatting text
Format painter
Text alignment
line spacing
Hyphenating a document
Page breaks
Setting indents
working with tabs
Bullets and numbering
Auto format as you type
5. Tables
Creating a table
Tables and borders toolbar
Navigating in atable
Selecting in a table
Importing or deleting rows or columns
Changing columns width and row heights
Formatting text in a table
Tables and Borders toolbar
Changing table layout
Formatting a table
Sorting a table
Calculating in ables
6. Page setup and printing
Print setup
Margin settings
paper settings
Previewing a document
Printing a document
7. Mail merge
What is mail merge?
Data source
Using the mail merge wizard in older versons
Using the mail merge wizard in later versions
Other Data source options

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