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Online Induction Training Package

Online Induction Training Package


Induction Training is absolutely vital for new employees. Good induction training ensures new employees are retained, and then settled in quickly and happily to a productive role.

Professionally organized and delivered induction training is your new employees’ first proper impression of you and your organization, so it’s also an excellent opportunity to reinforce their decision to come and work for you.

Our Online Induction training sets the precedent for new employees and delivers a consistent message to your new hires wherever they are in. A good induction develops confidence, accelerates time to productivity and protects company culture and profitability. Above all, it should inspire your employees and make them feel proud to work for your organisation.

Employee Induction Training

The value of Online Induction Training

Infex Web Solutions provides a quick effective and simple way to get your induction online that enables your new employees to understand your organization, their roles and responsibilities immediately as they start working on the day 1.

Why our Online Induction Training

How do I get it?

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